Stress Relief

When you are “stressed,” your body immediately goes into a fight-or-flight response. Your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes shallow and adrenaline begins to flow. We all respond to stress in different ways. While some people hold tension in their muscles, others may get depressed or feel anxious.

At Massage Therapy of Oak Park, we focus our efforts on the central nervous system in the hopes of mitigating the fight-or-flight response and activating your body’s natural relaxation response. At our studio, we have created a unique, welcoming space that immediately goes to work on stress. Once you walk through our organic flower and vegetable garden and into the serene private room that is reserved just for you, therapeutic ambient lighting, sound and temperature begin the healing process.

Our approach towards stress relief involves releasing muscular tension with a combination of massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. Hot stone massage is also a popular technique. Our licensed massage therapists ask questions, listen to your responses and help identify the root causes of the stress. It’s important to go beyond relieving just the physical symptoms of stress. When the fight-or-flight response is deactivated, breathing slows, tension disappears and the mind becomes clear.

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At Massage Therapy of Oak Park, we listen to individual needs and provide a quiet, relaxing space where each client’s natural healing process can occur.

Rick Halle-Podell, LMT

Founder and Owner, Massage Therapy of Oak Park