All the awards, press and professional accolades don’t mean much if the very people who use your services don’t have something to say. Massage Therapy of Oak Park truly values its clients. When you read the following testimonials, you’ll see that the positive feelings are mutual!

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A Physical Therapist in Oak Park Who Refers and Accepts Referrals From Massage Therapy of Oak Park

I am firm believer in soft tissue and hands-on therapy. I do some kinds of hands-on or soft tissue work with most of my clients, but I have a limited amount of time. If they can get even more as part of massage therapy, this can have major therapeutic benefits. In fact, anyone who is in physical therapy can benefit from therapeutic massage.

When clients come to see me after being at Massage Therapy of Oak Park, they are more prepared for therapeutic exercises. Massage and physical therapy complement one another. If I have 30 minutes to work with a patient and he or she comes to me after receiving therapeutic massage, my treatment is more effective.

[Massage Therapy of Oak Park] can focus on an area that I can’t or don’t have the time or knowledge to address. In particular, with his advanced training, Rick has the ability to identify the tissues that need to be released. He has the techniques to get into specific muscle groups, such as the subscapularis. Orit Aharon

PT, MS, Integrity Physical Therapy, Oak Park, Illinois

If you want a great massage, if you have areas that need special attention or specific needs, I feel like this is your place.

Amy R.

Oak Park, Illinois

I have received several Massage treatments from Rick and one Craniosacral Therapy treatment. I found his treatment space to be professional, peaceful and comfortable. His treatment style is both analytic and intuitive and the quality of my experiences far exceed my expectations. I have recommended him to numerous friends.

Daniel Ostrov

Portland, OR

An Art Therapist in Oak Park Who Refers and Accepts Referrals From Massage Therapy of Oak Park

Rick’s grasp of the nature of intention and witness consciousness allows him to simply facilitate and support the inherent drive of the mind/body system to right itself. In particular, his work with cranio-sacral and myofascial release, as well as the techniques of Upledger have given me a profound respect for the parallel path that both art therapy and massage therapy are traveling. These deep methods unlock the body’s own wisdom in the same way as image making does.

Pat Allen

PhD, Registered Art Therapist, Studio Pardes, Oak Park, Illinois

From a Mother of a Child with Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Our son has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder and Sensory Integration Dysfunction. One result of this atypical neurological system is that he has difficulty modulating input he receives, either from the physical world (e.g., noises, crowds, lights, smells) or from the emotional/social world.

I have noticed that after a session with Rick that he appears calmer and better able to deal with his life. It seems as if he is functioning more efficiently and that he is able to pick and choose (modulate) the information that surrounds him, and does not become as easily overwhelmed.

Rick has done an amazing job working with our son. When we first arrived our son was very agitated. He was not sleeping well and, consequently, was having difficulty at school. Rick talked with him and worked with him where he (our child) was at—emotionally and physically. Initially, it was difficult for our son to lie on the treatment table for any period of time, so Rick would have him bounce on the big ball and they would talk about what was going on. During these conversations Rick was able to demonstrate self-calming techniques and allow our son to decompress. There was never any pressure on him to behave in a particular way, which allowed him to relax and accept the treatment. Now our son comes in for sessions every other week and they get right into the treatment. Coming for a massage is something that he enjoys and does willingly.

G. J.

Mother, Oak Park, Illinois

Very Happy

So, let me just start out by saying, I received a gift card from my husband for this place back in June. I realized the week of the expiration that it expired. I called and left a message and asked if I was reading it right. The owner, Rick called back and said he’d be happy to extend the gift card for me – and asked me my availability for this week. So I booked an appointment after work on Wednesday. He explained that the business was around the back of his home. I was okay with that. Then when I googled Massage Therapy of Oak Park, I saw that there isn’t any advertising on the building, and thought Hmmm… (lol)

I proceeded with my visit and as I entered the cozy office and got to see Rick face to face, I got a good vibe. The space is intimate and clean. Very relaxing. He is professional and asked a couple questions that proved to me he knows what he’s talking about. I have a knee injury, and explained to him that I had some discomfort. He concentrated on the the knee and my stress carriers like my back, neck and shoulders. The setting was relaxing, comfortable and professional. By the end of the session I literally had no pain or discomfort in my knee. And as I am writing this today, it still feels great!

I booked another session for February for myself and am purchasing a gift card for the hubby for Valentine’s Day. I was very happy with this place and would recommend it to a friend 🙂

Thanks Rick!

Jamie Carrasquillo

Oak Park, Illinois

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